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Here is the final chapter where this mystery is solved once and for all.

Chapter 4: Case Closed

Where we last off at the observatory, the stranger who is also the voicesnatcher with many names was about to reveal himself to the MCF girls.

Why hello, it's me.” he said, as he was about to remove his cloak.

No, it can't be!” Raina gasped.

Yes, it's me.” the stranger removed the cloak to reveal a red fat devil like creature with yellow eyes and no clothes.

THE RED GUY?!?!” Raina, Starz, Tracy, Jessy, Emmy and Daisy gasped.

AAAH! He's got no clothes!” Stefano and Mavis screamed as they, Gia and Vitaly shield themselves.

Yes, it's me. The Red Guy. Hello, my little buttercups. Join your sisters.” The Red Guy pulled a curtain revealing a wall with all the stolen girls chained to the wall with all the girls that were stolen chained onto it. They were all wearing harem outfits were by a giant microphone.

The stolen girls!” Stefano said.

And the other actors!” said Jessy.

Why are you doing this, you pantless freak?” asked Tracy.

Ever since I was enchanted by Raina's audition, I had come up with a scheme. I take all the girls' with the most beautiful voices so that way I can use them to make a hypnotic power to make everyone in the city my slaves and rule the world!”

Yeah, right. Music Meister did better than you and he still got his butt kicked.” Starz started.

And so, to add to this, is my little Fantine.” He said, getting close to Raina. “Come on, “Fantine”, you rehearse.”

You creep! You're worse than my suitors combined!” Raina said as she backed away.

Mavis, you and Vitaly get everyone free.” Jessy said, “I'm going to blow this up.”

But isn't that gonna kill all of us?” asked Starz.

Wait! I-a got a better idea.” Stefano said.

While the girls vocalized sending the signal into the microphone sending it to the lazer beam, Raina backed away as Red Guy went to her singing.

Red Guy:
Here's something new

I think I'll give it a try

Come closer, darling

I like to see what I buy

The usual price

For just one slice of your pie

On pie, he touched her arm. Raina backed away and took a stick saying, “I don't want you. No, no, monsuier let me go!”

Is this a trick?

I won't pay more

Raina(seeing the cuff Red Guy has to the wall): No, not at all

Red Guy: You've got some nerve, you little hottie

You've got some gall

The two started to fight a bit as Jessy taped some dynamite to the lazer.

Starz then took a key and unlocked the cage, letting the animals and vampire out before Tracy transformed into her alien form blasting the chains, freeing everybody.

It's the same with a pastry as it is with a grocer

The customer sees what he gets in advance

It's not for the girl to say “yes sir” or “no sirt”


Or lead me to a dance!

Raina grabbed the stick and punched him, before scratching his face.

Raina then sang with anger in her face before she was about to punch.

Raina: I'll kill you, you OGRE, try any of that!

Even a girl who has gone to the bad

Won't be had by a rat!

She's gonna blow!” Jessy called.

The ground started to quake and crumble, then...KABOOM! The observatory exploded and almost everyone held on. Raina looked and saw that she was on the cliff and her friends were falling to their death. Mavis transformed into a bat and watched this.

Raina, save yourself!” she called.

Raina didn't listen. She grabbed Tracy's hand before we see a close up on her face with a smile.

I got you, mi amiga!” Raina said.

Gracias, but what are you holding onto, Raina?” Tracy asked.

Raina's eyes widen in shock. “Uh-oh.”

We now see that she wasn't holding onto anything and they were falling along. Luckily, enough, their dresses made poof sounds and their skirts were like parachutes. Then Mavis carried Stefano. Raina caught Vitaly while Emmy caught Gia, Jessy, Daisy, Tracy and Starz caught the actresses and others. They floated down to the sandy ground and set everybody down. Mavis transformed back into her vampire form and put Stefano down. They looked up and saw Red Guy fall down until he hit the sand.

Jessy smiled, “You did it.”

I know. We all did it. And we even got into our characters' characters for the play. I finally got what it's like to be Fantine. I'm ready!” Raina said. She turned to Red Guy with handcuffs and said, “And Red Guy, by the power of Mystery Case Files,” she put the handcuffs on his hands, “You're under arrest.”

Please, girls. I'll make you some cookies.” Red Guy begged.

Let's take him to jail.” Audrey said. “By the way. Can't wait to see the play.”

Which reminds me,” said Vanessa Doofensmirtz. “See you at the rehersal, girls.” she and the other girls left to go home.

Before we go home, we have to take this crook to jail.” said Tracy. The MCF girls, Vitaly, Stefano, Gia and Mavis walked back with Raina dragging Red Guy who was crying like a baby.

Later, after dropping Red Guy in jail, Raina was at her garage with her friends.

We made it. Othello's asleep, no one's here. We're still in the play and we got away with another one.” said Raina with a smile.

Daisy and Emmy high-fived.

We are so proud of you for solving this mystery. We'll see you at rehersal tomorrow morning.” Vitaly said as he and Gia left. Stefano hugged Raina before he followed them.

Just then Tracy looked down at her clothes, “You guys see what I see?”

Starz looked down and saw as well, “It's what we don't see.”

Uh-oh.” Emmy said.

Jessy remembered as she covered herself, “We left our clothes at the pub!”

We're toast.” Daisy squeaked.

Not yet, our parents aren't home and Othello's still asleep.” Raina smirked as she made a three best friend wrap around her friends. Suddenly, giant footsteps were heard and Mavis screeched.

Gotta go.” She turned into a bat and flew away.

The MCF Girls then looked and gasped to see Othello coming. “Okay, now we're toast.” Raina said.

The next day at Mystery Case Headquarters, Mordecai and Rigby were drinking soda until they got mail on the computer. Mordecai went to it and opened the message.

It was a video message from Raina who was now in her regular clothes and in her room with a script in her hand.

It's Raina!” said Mordecai.

Hola, Mordecai and Rigby.” she said.

So, you caught the bad guy? Who was the voicesnatcher?” Rigby asked.

It was the Red Guy. The good news is that we found him and arrested him and we're still in the play.” Raina said. “The bad news...we'll I'm grounded for a day.”

Then 5 more video messages appeared and they revealed to be Daisy, Tracy, Emmy, Starz and Jessy all in their normal outfits and in their room.

Me too.” Daisy said.

“Me three.” Starz said.

Me four.” said Tracy.

Me five.” Emmy agreed.

Ditto.” Jessy said.

You know guys, I learned my lesson. I don't even care if it's just acting. Unless it was my Swing Shift outfit, I'm not ever wearing a pub outfit like that again.”

Shoot! My mother burnt mine.” Tracy said.

Yeah, my daddy put mine into a paper shredder.” Starz said.

Granny took it, cut it up and made it into a patches for her new quilt.” said Emmy in sadness.

Mom and Dad cut it up into pieces and then dropped them into the water.” said Daisy.

There was a moment of silence making Raina break it saying, “I don't have hear anything from you! Earth to Jessy!”

And why is there spit all over you.” asked Mordecai.

Jessy smiled as she said. “I'm wearing my top under my clothes right now. Plus I'm being eaten by Twoey. I love this power! See you tomorrow. Goodbye.” Jessy ended her video message.

Dang!” the remaining girls laughed before ending their video messages.

A day after they were grounded and a few weeks after practice, the play was opened. Othello, his girlfriend, Princess Emeraude, Raina's parents Clouseau and Nicole and brother Garu, Jessy's parents Seymour and Audrey Krelborn, Jessy's pet plant Audrey II/Twoey, Daisy's Parents Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai, Daisy's sisters Rapunzel, Mulan and Tiana, Daisy's brothers Beast Boy, Sora and Tadase, Starz's father Phobos, Starz' brother Brody, Granny(Emmy's foster guardian besides Jessy's monster form OogieJess Hyde), and Tracy's parents Ben and Julie Tennyson and her evil twin Tricia and her younger brother Kenny, and half of the people who were captured were even there.

Once the show began, the curtains revealed to show the first scene: the prologue(Look Down(Work Song version)/Valjean Forgiven).

A while, it goes to the scene “I Dreamed a Dream” with Raina now in a blue/pink version of Briar Rose's outfit and wearing pink shoes, in the role of Fantine singing while Stefano began to cry tears.

Raina: ...I had a dream my life would be

So different from this heck I'm living

So different now from what it seems

Now life has killed the dream

I dream

The audience applauded before we dissolve to a while later to the Lovely Ladies where Raina and the girls did outstanding then to where Valjean reveals his identity to Javert.

Cedric: Who am I?


Riku chased him off stage as if to arrest him.

Then it dissolves to the part where Fantine dies.(Me cry a little). Cedric took his girlfriend, Raina's hand as she pretends to cough.

Raina: Take my hand,

The night grows ever colder

Cedric: Then I will keep you warm

Raina: Take my child, I give her to your keeping

Cedric: Take shelter from the storm

Raina: For God's sake, please stay till I am sleeping

And tell Cosette I love her

And I'll see her when I wake...

Just then “Fantine” closed her eyes and laid still.

Fantine!” Cedric said. “Fantine!” he kissed Raina's hand and then cried, though he knew Raina was only acting.

Stefano began to cry so hard that Othello gave him one of those giant tissues.

Then it dissolves from Cedric adopting Lilo(who plays Young Cosette) from the evil Thenardiers(who are played by Brad and Kelly) to the scene where Tadase and Amu(who play Marius and Cosette) confessing their love for one another while Lydia Deetz(who plays Eponine) watches.

They're doing a good job. My daughter did so fantastic.” said Audrey.

Raina actually stole the show this time.” said Othello.

Then it dissolves from the barricade, then Javert's suicide to the finale where after Maurius and Cosette marry and Valjean dies and is taken to heaven by Fantine and Eponine, everyone including the MCF sang the final number.

All: Will you join in our crusade?

Who will be strong and stand with me?

Somewhere beyond the barricade

Is there a world you long to see?

Do you hear the people sing?

Say, do you hear the distant drums?

It is the future that they bring

When tomorrow comes...

Tomorrow comes!

The curtains close and everyone in the audience applauded for they loved the performance. The curtains rose again and everyone took their bows thrice. Vitaly, Stefano and Gia walked up on stage and took a bow as well.

Thank you so much. We like to thank our wonderful performance for bringing this musical to life in Cartoon Town.” Gia said.

We also like to thank our beloved actors and heroes: the Mystery Case Files and their boyfriends. For if it weren't for the Mystery Case Files, we wouldn't have had done this play.” Vitaly said.

Stefano came to Raina, Daisy, Starz, Tracy, Emmy, and Jessy with bouquets of flowers and gave it to them. Mavis appeared in bat form and put tiaras on each of their heads before returning to her vampire form.

I want to thank everyone for showing us that we can do this musical and our adventure against Red Guy weeks ago has got us to get into our characters.” Raina said. “Goodnight, everybody.”

Cedric and Raina kissed while Daisy, Jessy, Starz, Emmy and Tracy kissed their boyfriends and everyone took their bows one last time before the curtains closed onstage again.

The End

That's the end of this Mystery Case Files mystery. Emmy, hanks for inspiring me to write this. Anyways, read and review.

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Pixargirl Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
Awesome story.

Though when I first read this wasn't Merida and Matt in the role of Cosette and Marius? I mean even the MCF wiki states the Merida made her first MCF appearance in this story as one of the kidnapped girls.

Sorry if I sounded rude deary.  
Detective88 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
Pixargirl Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
So... umm... what happened? Why'd you change the whole Matt and Merida thing? 
Detective88 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014
I forgot that Amu was supposed to be Cosette when I read the chapter 2 again, so I had to fix it.
DisneyGal1234 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
Great ending
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You're welcome
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